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Our passion is to provide students and their families with highly-personalized admissions insight that will help them make the best decision for their future. Learn more about UBC’s mission and its dedicated staff.

Our Mission

​University Bound Consulting provides careful insight, actionable advice, and personalized recommendations to make the college selection process less stressful and more empowering for students and their families.

Because we believe in taking a holistic approach that considers a student’s individual needs and goals, UBC carefully creates comprehensive college admission plans that assist students in making an informed decision that will positively shape their future.

Our Staff

  • Siria Martinez, Ph.D.

    Co-Founder / Educational Advisor

    Siria enjoys guiding students to find what journey is best for them and ultimately her goal is to assist students to realize their educational dreams and reach beyond themselves to succeed.

  • Tanisha L. Burrus

    Co-Founder / Educational Advisor

    Tanisha is passionate about helping students achieve their goals. In her eighteen years of working in student services, she has propelled hundreds of students to realize their potential through her dedication and personal approach. 

  • Lisceth Brazil-Cruz, Ph.D.

    College Advisor

    Lisceth brings over a decade of experience working with middle and high school students, graduate students, and providing them with wise counsel through the college application process.

  • Crystal Wilson Otubuah, M.S.

    Career Advisor

    Crystal Wilson Otubuah brings almost a decade of experience as a career counselor, academic advising, and general guidance counseling.

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