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"You were always attentive to ensure I completed the tasks needed for college applications and I loved your "no excuses" attitude"
- Heather, McClennan Community College
  • Carolina || Education Doctoral Student, Oregon State"
    I met Dr. Martinez about 6 years ago as an undergrad. She and her team gave me an opportunity that opened my mind to whole new world of possibilities: research. As the first in my family to attend a US university and dream of a PhD, I encountered hard moments of confusion and even tried to give up several times. Fortunately, Dr. Martinez was always there for me... She, herself, was and is an example to follow for me, since at that time she was also working towards obtaining her PhD. I know she had a lot to do, but still she always made time for me and answered all my questions with a big smile. She did not only help me explore the possibilities of research, but also referred my sister to her own campus program, and helped the two of us present at multiple national conferences. Today I am working towards my PhD and have created a non-profit that helps hundreds of Haitian students and their families obtain high quality education, proper health care, and learn a new language. The support I received from Dr. Martinez was a stepping stone, to help me be where I am today. I have not only attended my dream school, Harvard, over the summer. But also worked there as a research assistant with my dream professors and doctors, and have published my work in several research journals. I thank God for allowing me to meet her... She is a true example of a Hispanic woman living the American academic dream. Her passion for education and helping others goes outside her office and classroom. For her having a personal relationship with students and families is the key to helping students like myself succeed. Words are not enough to express my gratitude for all that Dr. Martinez has done and continues to do for me and my family.
  • Neha || Student, American River Community College"
    Siria Martinez is truly a wonderful mentor. She is someone who is constantly encouraging, supportive and extremely helpful. Siria gives me the confidence in my abilities to pursue my dreams of becoming a physician. As a first generation student, I was quite intimidated as to how I was going to achieve my dream of becoming a doctor. I didn’t really have a mentor who could help me or direct me towards the right path. However, with Siria I was able to figure out that path and the steps that I need to take to succeed in college. With her help, I am able to set up goals which in turn help me organize my plan for my educational journey. I am able to create a step by step plan for my college career, that has really helped me stay on track. She has helped me every step of the way from college resume building, to helping me write personal statements for internships, to building up the confidence in myself. Her positive attitude is very admirable and the expectations that she sets for me as a student helps me to stay constantly motivated. I consider myself lucky to have met Siria and to have the chance to learn from an incredible mentor. I know that I have a long educational journey ahead, however with the support from my family and Siria, I know that I can get there.
  • Erick || Father of Isaac, Student at USC Viterbi School of Engineering"
    The guidance and professional assistance we received from Siria helped our children get accepted into some of the best universities in the country. Her guidance through the high school years helped lay the groundwork for our children to be successful and competitive in the application process for the schools our children were interested in attending. Her professional expertise proved to be valuable during the application process. Especially, with all the different requirements and the multiple essays that are needed to be written for each school. She helped us minimize a lot of the stress and extra work that families sending their first child to college tend to go through. Once our children received their acceptance letters, she connected us with people that were working and studying at the perspective schools for us to meet and get insights to help us make the best-informed choices. We are very grateful to Siria and her team for all the help they provided our family.
  • Marisela || Mother of Vanessa, Student at University of Michigan"
    Siria helped us through the application process, guided us through financial insecurities whether we could afford big universities for our 3 kids. She gave us the tools we needed and confidence to apply. Our 3 kids were accepted to UC Davis, USC and University of Michigan, some with little or no debt. Our kids still reach out to Siria for guidance on Graduate programs, PHD programs and financial questions. Our family wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this wonderful journey without her guidance and support. Thank you to Siria!!
  • Nefertiti || Mother of Jaelyn, Student at FIT Manhattan"
    You can never be too informed when it comes to college preparedness. Tanisha Burrus is a wealth of knowledge and having someone like her in your corner as a parent is imperative! I wish I had come across her services sooner in the process of my daughter’s college applications. Trying to navigate through college websites, figuring out deadlines and looking for money can be quite frustrating and confusing. Within moments of reviewing my daughter’s application and resume, Tanisha was able to offer information and guide me through things that my daughter’s college had failed to explain. I can’t emphasize enough how investing in a workshop with University Bound Consulting can really make the entire process of college preparedness easier. Currently my Daughter is attending FIT Manhattan and even walked in New York Fashion Week within her first 10 days there!
  • Debbie || Graduate Student at Pepperdine
    There are people that we meet in life that help us with encouragement or support us through trying times, and then there are those people who have a profound affect on our futures. Siria Martinez is one of those rare people who not only gave me encouragement to reach for my goals and supported me in trying times, but she was a strong force who helped me to visualize dreams I never thought were possible. When I met Siria, I had thoughts of going beyond my undergraduate degree, but felt it was unlikely because of my life circumstances. I went through trying times academically and personally, and Siria's wisdom, advice, and encouragement helped me persevere and ultimately excel academically, and find balance in my personal life. I am truly grateful to have had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Siria and value her leadership in directing me toward a successful future.
  • Lisa || Mother of UT-Austin, Texas Wesleyan & Baylor University Graduates"
    The success of our children would not be as profound as it has been if it were not for the help, assistance, guidance and professionalism of Tanisha Burrus. We feel so incredibly blessed that she was such an instrumental part of their high school experience. What we felt was most effective in Tanisha's approach was that she took the time to get to know each one of her students individually. She learned their strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes and she was able to use that information to better assist them in making decisions/choices. She did not make the decisions/choices for them, but instead gave them all of the information, as well as the pros and cons of the information and together, they made the decisions/choices. Tanisha is genuine and has a special passion for helping youth and young adults. She puts forth the additional work and and effort to learn as much as she can about the things she feels will benefit the students she works with. Our daughter Hollie, was a 2011 graduate of Rapoport Academy Meyer High School and a Spring 2014 graduate of the University of Texas in Austin. Our son, Patrick, was a 2013 graduate of Rapoport Academy High School and is on target to graduate from Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas in December of 2015. Their successes are directly linked to Tanisha Burrus! Her work with our youngest son, Blaine Listach, who is now a senior at Rapoport Academy Meyer High School enabled him to do what he needed to do in order to receive academic offers from most of the top Universities in the nation. He has decided to attend Baylor University in the fall of 2015. We are forever grateful to and for Tanisha. She has been a profound blessing to our family!
  • Barbara || Mother of High School Student
    Ms. Burrus helped Hannah stay on top of all the deadlines that were needed, starting her freshman year in high school. Sometimes other parents or school notices would question about a scholarship deadline or college event, but when I would check with Hannah, it would already have been done because Hannah responded so well to Ms. Burrus' suggestions and advice. When Hannah would tell me that she was struggling with something academically or socially, Ms. Burrus would have already known about it, helping Hannah become more independent and responsible for her choices and decisions. I really liked how Ms. Burrus was always encouraging, able to smile and laugh as she encouraged both Hannah and myself through some delicate and sometimes overwhelming deadlines or applications. I especially liked how Ms. Burrus was able to coach Hannah on scholarships that seemed right for Hannah.
  • Emily || Graduate of UT Dallas
    Going through the college application process can be difficult, but with some guidance from Mrs. Burrus, I completed it. Whether it was reviewing essays or giving advice on résumés, she was there every step of the way. Most importantly, she got to know me and my aspirations, even recommending schools I would never think of. Without her, I quite literally would not have even thought to apply to the college I'm about to graduate from!
  • Obdulio || Engineering Graduate Student at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Much of my success I owe to you Siria, your willingness to go out of your way to help any student that came to you is more than respectable. It is a trait that is often undervalued but critical in the success of students. Working with you was always a pleasure and the fact that you are very approachable and trustworthy makes you a credible go-to source for advice and guidance. I appreciate the fact that you were always very professional and knowledgeable and always sought help in case you didn’t know an answer; this instilled confidence in your guidance. Promises you kept and followed up on each of your students. You are a great cheerleader and you are one of the first people I want to share my accomplishments with. You are always there when it most counts, thank you!
  • June || Mother of Inae, High School Student"
    University Bound was a blessing to my family. We have poured our heart and life into preparing our daughter for college. However, her senior year she began to experience anxiety and feel overwhelmed by the college application process. After just one meeting with Siria her anxiety went away. Siria walked her through the application process. She showed my daughter that the writing prompts were a way to showcase her life experiences and to stand out. My daughter was accepted to every single university she applied to. I fully trust and recommend University Bound to anyone who is in need of making the college application process more manageable.
  • Lila Gilliam || High School Student
    Attending college has always been the only option in my family, so growing up I’d been taken to every college campus that my parents could find a reason to go to. From spending weekends in Palo Alto visiting my father’s Alma Mater, Stanford University, to visiting my mother’s side of the family in Pontiac, Michigan and touring her old stomping grounds at the University of Michigan, I had always dreamed of what college would have in store for me. With the help of Ms. B and University Bound Counseling, I have been able to dream further in regards to higher education. Ms. B has helped me immensely in deciding which schools fit my personality and future goals as well as assisting me in finding the perfect scholarships that suit me. I have also been able to contact Ms. B with any questions I’ve had about applying, contacting, and interviewing for schools. I am incredibly thankful for the UBC “Ace” My College Application workshops I have participated in because with their assistance I have been admitted to almost every college in my top 4 list: Spelman College, Howard University, Columbia College Chicago. I am currently awaiting my decision from Berklee College of Music, but I am very excited to say that my dreams are on the brink of becoming reality.
  • Lisa G. || Mother of Misa, High School Student"
    Mrs. Burrus has been instrumental in my daughter's life for the past two years. Her services are irreplaceable from one on one counseling focused on picking the right honor and AP courses, helping her narrow her field of study, researching colleges that best fit her needs to arranging college tours. As a high school junior, my daughter is confident about her college picks and ready with little anxiety with the help of Mrs. Burrus. I cannot imagine where we would be without Mrs. Burrus and her college prep services. Thank you!

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